It's 6 days until Christmas!

Email Santa and get an instant reply!

Send a letter to SantaSend a letter to Santa – Every year, Santa finds himself getting busier and busier with lots of letters to read and lists to write. To make it easier for Santa, you can help by telling him:

  • if you have moved or if you won’t be at your usual house for Christmas
  • if you have a chimney or not (remember, Santa has many ways of delivering presents)
  • what presents you would like this year
  • if you have been naughty or nice

Santa always enjoys receiving messages. Click Here to send him a message.

Are you on the Naughty List?

Get me off the naughty listTrying to get off Santa’s naughty list? Answer the questions on our form and we’ll email the responses directly to Santa on your behalf.

If you’re sincere and believable, Santa may just take you off the naughty list.

Click Here to tell us why you should be removed from the list.

Become an honorary Elf or Santa spy

Become an honorary Elf or Santa spy

Do you want to be an elf or Santa spy? The job requires you to watch your own home, your neighborhood, and your town.

You need to report any dangers that might exist for Santa on his Christmas flight.

You will be required to report directly to the North Pole anything you see, for example bad weather, a flock of birds, or anything that could get in Santa’s way.

Click Here to apply.

Send a Thank you letter to Santa or the Head Elf

Become an honorary Elf or Santa spySanta and the Head Elf try really hard to make Christmas a special time for you.

Click Here to send a letter of thanks or a general message to Santa .

Email an Elf

Send a message to SantaDo you have a question for someone who works at the North Pole? Our elves are happy to receive your questions and try their best to provide answers.

Send your questions here.

Present Complaints Department

Send a message to SantaDid Santa or the Head Elf get your Christmas presents wrong?

Click here to send a letter to our Present Complaints Department.

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