Become an honorary Elf or Santa spy

santaspyDo you want to be an honorary elf or Santa spy? – The job requires you to watch your own home, your neighborhood, and your town. You will be required to report directly to the North Pole anything you see, for example bad weather, a flock of birds, or anything that could get in Santa’s way.

To be considered for the job, you’ll need to apply below:

Honorary Elf or Santa Spy Application

My name is

Tell us why you should be made an honorary Elf?

My email address is:

Santa has lots of elves and spies all over the world. An elf or spy can be tall or short, fat or skinny, speak any language and live just about anywhere. You could be surrounded by elves and never know it.

Remember, be kind to people and try to spread the good cheer of Christmas everywhere you go.

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