Stuck on what to get your child or relative for Christmas? In order to help Santa has created a quick list of the most commonly requested toys from children around the world. If you have a favourite toy, add it as a comment below or Send a letter to Santa. christmastree

Boy 0-5

Action Figure An Orange And Black

We know men are hard to shop for, that’s why we’ve rounded up these top gifts – ranging from fitness trackers to salmon curing kits. Need some gift ideas for what to get the man in your life? Whether you’re racking your brains over what Christmas present to get your beloved boyfriend, or wondering how you’ll find something your son will actually appreciate without it leaving you skint – don’t worry we’ve got it covered

Lottery numbers are randomly drawn. But randomly drawn numbers form patterns that can be tracked and used to our advantage. Having carefully analyzed all the drawings in past lotto results of more than 190 different lotto games worldwide, with histories going back as far as 1955, Gail Howard has verified the following incredibly simple rule:

That which is MOST POSSIBLE happens MOST OFTEN. That which is LEAST POSSIBLE happens LEAST OFTEN.
Sometimes when children ask for money, Santa needs to know which bank account to use. We have written this page so Santa can understand the New Zealand bank account system even better….   download Stuck trying to figure out that Trademe payment and what to do with a person that as sent you an account ending in 2 or 3 digits numbers. Here is the

Christmas or Christmas Day is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ observed most commonly on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world. In several countries, celebrating Christmas Eve on December 24 has the main focus rather than December 25, with gift-giving and sharing a traditional meal with the family. The celebratory customs associated in various countries with Christmas have a mix of pre-Christian, Christian,

Do you have any plans for a mid winter Christmas this year, here are some great suggestions from the Kiwi Families website

Set the Scene

Deck the halls with boughs of holly – literally! Pull out your Christmas decorations, go hunting for pine cones, and bring the best of your winter garden inside. Don’t skimp on the decorations just because it’s winter, use it as a reason to go overboard. You can exaggerate the

Youtube has some great vdeos for funny Christmas songs or present openings, here are a couple…. Post your favourites below…

from Looking for ways to heat up your winter? Throwing a Midwinter Christmas party is a great way to get all your friends and family together and recapture the magic of the silly season. Remember the good old days of the Midwinter Christmas disco when you were at primary school? Midwinter Christmas parties may have gone out of style over the last five years or so, but this year they’re back with avengeance. Thinking

1418962501156 1. Not sure the present you’re buying is right? Ask for an exchange card so the recipient can change it for something else in store. If you only have the receipt, some stores may still be willing to exchange the item. 2. In most cases we don’t think extended warranties are worth it. That’s because the Consumer Guarantees Act means retailers have to repair or replace

Christmas decorations can be like clowns – there’s a very thin line between festive and frightening. In our search for the worst Christmas trees and decorations ever, we’re looking for things that have crossed that line, or perhaps gone in another direction towards just plain tragic. Auckland’s creepy Santa is the obvious front-runner in New Zealand right now, but we’re sure our readers can dig out something worse. Sad, weepy trees, misshapen reindeer,

32 Hysterical Letters To Santa

There are many things I love about the Holiday Season. The presents, the parties, the eggnog, the cheer. My favorite, however, is getting to see the adorable letters that starry-eyed children worldwide scratch out to the fat man from the North Pole.
For your reading pleasure, we have compiled a

CUT THE STRESS: You don't need to spend a lot of money to have a good Christmas. January is a bad month for social services charity Barnardos. In the weeks following the annual Christmas spending binge, holiday hangovers start to kick in. It can be a highly stressful situation, says service manager Rachel Turner. “Kids are hungry, there’s no money. It’s pretty miserable.” Families are under pressure to provide a picture-perfect

Ah, poppas. They’ve spent years stopping unworthy suitors knocking at your door, helping you with your maths homework and not letting you watch anything on TV unless it’s the rugby. So if you fancy treating him to something other than socks, socks and more socks this year, he’ll be sure to love something in our handpicked selection, whether your budget is $30 or $300 what are you byring your Dad for Xmas?

How are you going to handle the conflicting priorities between your training and the inevitable social opportunities the 'silly season' brings? The ‘silly season’ we’ve just entered provides many excuses for your running routine to be sabotaged. Late nights pile up and training gets put in the too-hard or just-impossible basket. Sound familiar? My training squad had our Christmas drinks on the weekend, and around 8pm I asked a friend if

DECK THE HALLS: It was a terrible movie, and they wore exceptionally awful sweaters. Nothing says silly season like a 3D reindeer emerging from your torso. From cartoon characters who look like they’re in trouble to retro monstrosities, here are the 9 worst Christmas jumpers we’ve ever seen … 1. THE SACRIFICIAL CARTOON CHARACTER

Oh sweet jeepers, what are they doing to Snoopy?!

Instead of aimlessly buying gifts throughout the season (a major wallet drain), use this shopping guide, chock-full of surprising strategies, to cross everything off your list in a single day.

8 a.m.

Fuel up. It’s hard to shop sensibly when your blood sugar is crashing, so skip the bagels, the donuts, and the sugary breakfast cereals, says Keri Glassman, a registered dietitian in New York City and the author of The Snack Factor Diet ($12,

Indeed, what goes up must come down. Traditionally Christmas trees are taken down 12 days after Christmas but some take it down on Epiphany, January 6th. Whichever tree you choose and whenever you put it up it is important to remember the reason for the season. christmastree

All Christmas trees are cute – the sight of any should bring a smile to your face. And there are many types: from the small prepackaged collapsible artificial trees which you can pick up for a dollar or two to the 9.5 ft high Chesapeake Christmas tree, pictured, that comes with 1500 pre-lit clear lights and a $500 price tag. If you feel even splashier this season you may consider the famous 20 ft Soo

There’s less than a month until Christmas and loads of towns have already got their trees and switched their festive street lights on. But when do you put your Christmas decorations up at home? Have you had them up for weeks, or do you wait until there’s just a few days left to go? And what’s your favourite bit? Is it the lights, the tree and tinsel, or something completely different? Maybe you don’t decorate

January is a bad month for social services charity Barnardos. In the weeks following the annual Christmas spending binge, holiday hangovers start to kick in. It can be a highly stressful situation, says service manager Rachel Turner. “Kids are hungry, there’s no money. It’s pretty miserable.” Families are under pressure to provide a picture-perfect Christmas like they see on TV, with all the fancy gifts, glitzy decorations and delicious food. But Turner says you don’t

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