Saving for Christmas – Are Christmas clubs worth it?

A number of supermarkets are offering Christmas clubs where shoppers can either make deposits or purchase vouchers with an end goal of having some extra money at Christmas time.

Unlike the infamous NZ hampers, the supermarket clubs let you choose what you want.

In the Countdown and New World schemes, you can also earn One Card and Fly Buys points on your Christmas shopping. And some stores have special club events with promotional offers for members as Christmas gets closer.

How they work

At Countdown, FreshChoice and SuperValue you can buy Christmas club vouchers in different amounts throughout the year.

The Countdown vouchers give you a 5 percent bonus when you use them between 1 December and 31 January – as long as you’ve purchased them before 1 December. They can also be used before 1 December but you won’t get the bonus.

At SuperValue and FreshChoice, you get a 5 percent discount on the vouchers when you buy them. FreshChoice also offers a Christmas Saver Plan which gives a 5 percent discount on weekly automatic payments towards vouchers. The vouchers can only be used in December or January.

New World and Pak’nSave, along with Four Square’s South Island outlets, issue Christmas club cards. You pay into your card through regular automatic payments or direct debit, or at the supermarket itself. You can earn a varying bonus on the saved amount.

In New World and Pak’nSave’s upper North Island and South Island supermarkets you can spend your savings any time before 1 December – but you won’t earn the bonus on any money you spend then. This also applies to the Four Square outlets in the South Island. If you don’t spend all of your money and bonuses at Christmas, unspent money and bonuses can be spent at any time in the following year.

In New World and Pak’nSave’s lower North Island outlets you can’t spend your savings before 1 December. You get to spend your savings, plus the bonus, between 1 December and 29 February. Unspent money will be carried over to the next Christmas Club year.

So, is it Worth it?

Supermarket Christmas clubs offer good value for money, be warned vouchers can expire (depending on which club you join). Cards have the advantage that they can be registered with the store and disabled if lost or stolen.

Cancelling and refunds

Each supermarket has their own cancellation policy, ensure you read it before you commit!

Happy shopping people.

Pak n Save

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