Canterbury kids give Santa chimney tips

Published: 9:24PM Thursday December 23, 2010 Source: ONE News

The earthquake in Canterbury has raised a fresh bunch of concerns for children there.

They’re worried about how Santa is going to get down their chimney if it was damaged in the September 4 earthquake.

But a website created by Laurence Ilott is putting the minds of children affected by the September 4 quake at ease.

“Lots of children have advised Santa that their chimney’s been broken or that they have no chimney.

“In those instances Santa has requested that the parents leave out a special magical key that only Santa can see,” Ilott said.

More than 1000 children have written to Santa to advise him that their roof or ceiling has been damaged, and warned that their chimneys have been damaged and he will have to use the door instead.

“If your house felled down and your chimney, if your chimney felled down … you have to send Santa a key,” young website user George Murray said.

One letter asked Santa to make sure his reindeer do not eat mum’s lavender, while another gave him instructions about where to park.

“We’ve got this big sign on our garage door that says ‘Santa stop here’ so that Santa knows to come to our house,” said one keen writer.

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