Web comes to Santa’s aid

Ripples from Canterbury’s earthquake have reached as far as the North Pole.

Many households were forced to move and thousands of chimneys were toppled in the quake, raising fears about how Santa Claus can carry out his Christmas deliveries.

Laurence Ilott, of Christchurch, has come up with a solution – a website for children to let Santa know about their move and the state of their chimneys.

Ilott created www.santashelper.co.nz on Saturday after speaking to friends whose house was ruined in the September 4 quake.

“Their seven-year-old daughter was getting teased at school about [missing out on presents] and was getting really upset.”

He said messages had been received from children concerned about their unstable roofs and cracked chimneys, but they need not worry.

“Santa’s always got other ways of getting in. Parents can leave out a magic key that only Santa can see, and his sleigh can hover above the roof so that it doesn’t cause any more damage.”

Ilott said Santa would reply to each message to reassure any children who were concerned.

“People are still really on edge [after the quake]. I have two young children myself, and it’s not easy explaining these things. I just thought it was a nice thing to do.”

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Web comes to Santa's aid