Christmas Radio – All Year Round

Year Round Christmas Music or Seasonal Only?

The Head Elf fully supports Christmas music any time of the year. In the workshop, we believe the music is a great way for remembering the true message of Christmas and for lifting everyone spirits. Here is a small list of Christ radio stations that we like to listen to.

Whats your thoughts?

Xmas Radio

Christmas FM

Letters to Santa – 2013

Here is a small snippet of some of our favourite letters from 2013. A big thanks for the Head Elf and Santa. Keep the letters coming!

I want you to deliver the presents at my door as a delivery
guy,my address is 102 citadel st. Dress up as a delivery guy and
ride a delivery truck. And put the 3 boxes at my door. Please
deliver my presents as a delivery guy tomorrow. Please deliver
them tomorrow. – DO, Cameron, North Carolina

I know its early sending you this email but I also want to know I
believed in you since I was born and I also want to know how is
Mrs.Claus and I also want a to give my dad something a four door
chevy truck with a with cup holders in the doors and a nice
stereo and put his new truck in are yard right where that tree is
and I want one last thing grand theft auto five – J, Corsicana , Tx

I was very good last year and I left out a apple for the reindeer
and a card for santa and they were gone.And I asked for a magic
wand for christmas.I was very good and santa did not leave me any
presents.Since I was very good and I didn’t get anything the
least santa can do is send me a magic wand in the mail but not
until christmas I mean very soon because it would not be fair to
be good all last year and not get anything so please do this for
me.Thank you. – A, Summerville

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Chimney trouble for Santa in quake-hit Canterbury

Chimney trouble for Santa in quake-hit Canterbury

Santa Claus is coming to town, but in earthquake-hit Christchurch he is going to need some help with the directions.

The September 4 magnitude 7.1 quake left many properties in the Canterbury region uninhabitable and claims received by the Earthquake Commission indicate at least one in nine houses suffered chimney damage.

To help Santa reorganise his flight plan, a website has been set up for children to let him know if they have moved, and whether safe access to the house was still possible via the chimney.

Laurence Ilott, head elf in charge of, put the site together on Saturday after speaking to a close friend who lost their house after the quake.

”Their seven-year-old daughter was getting teased at school about [missing out on presents] and was getting really upset.”

Since it was put up, about ”about 8 or so” messages had been received from children concerned about their unstable roofs and cracked chimneys, but Ilott said people need not worry.

”Santa’s always got other ways of getting in. Parents can leave out a magic key that only Santa can see. And his sleigh can hover above the roof so that it doesn’t cause any more damage.”

Ilott said Santa would personally reply to each message, to reassure any children who were concerned.

”People are still really on edge [following the quake]. I have two young children myself, and it’s not easy explaining these things. I just thought it was a nice thing to do,” he said.

Santa would also use the site to gather ”naughty or nice” data and take present requests.

Despite the extra organisation and planning that would be needed for this year’s Christmas delivery run, Santa was confident his team of elves and reindeer were up to the job and wished Cantabrians a safe and happy holiday period.

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