Letters to Santa – 2013

Here is a small snippet of some of our favourite letters from 2013. A big thanks for the Head Elf and Santa. Keep the letters coming!

I want you to deliver the presents at my door as a delivery
guy,my address is 102 citadel st. Dress up as a delivery guy and
ride a delivery truck. And put the 3 boxes at my door. Please
deliver my presents as a delivery guy tomorrow. Please deliver
them tomorrow. – DO, Cameron, North Carolina

I know its early sending you this email but I also want to know I
believed in you since I was born and I also want to know how is
Mrs.Claus and I also want a to give my dad something a four door
chevy truck with a with cup holders in the doors and a nice
stereo and put his new truck in are yard right where that tree is
and I want one last thing grand theft auto five – J, Corsicana , Tx

I was very good last year and I left out a apple for the reindeer
and a card for santa and they were gone.And I asked for a magic
wand for christmas.I was very good and santa did not leave me any
presents.Since I was very good and I didn’t get anything the
least santa can do is send me a magic wand in the mail but not
until christmas I mean very soon because it would not be fair to
be good all last year and not get anything so please do this for
me.Thank you. – A, Summerville

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